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The appeal of Teal

Teal Appeal

Teal is most definitely one of our favourite colours and the perfect addition for creating cosy interiors as we move into Autumn.

Teal is both stylish and refined. Somewhere on the spectrum between green and blue and a deeper, darker variant than cyan…and never to be confused with turquoise! Taking its name from the Teal Bird, which has the very distinctive coloured stripe on its head. 

Teal has always had its ancient roots but has more recently quietly and confidently established itself as one of the new colours on the block and the colour of choice for interior designers to add individuality to both modern and classic interiors.

It can be used in any room, use the lighter shades and mix with neutral blues or whitewashed walls to imbue a sense of tranquillity or create a substantial impact with the darker tones. This amazing colour can be uplifting and energetic and is able to command attention without being overbearing. In contrast, pair it with neutral, steely greys or yellow and mustard palettes, to introduce calm, contemporary undertones.

Add a sofa or chair in sumptuous teal velvet or decorate a statement wall with dark teal blue to inject a decadent and luxurious feel, this rich and inky colour looks stunning with carefully chosen lighting and brass and gold accessories.

Here are some of our favourite teal pieces which you can discover at Redbrick and inspire you to add some teal into your space, from paint to furniture, ceramics and accessories.


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