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RHS Botanicals

In partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

A voyage through time and nature awaits in our latest fabric collection inspired by the archives of the RHS Lindley Collections. RHS Botanicals is a seamless blend of history, artistic expression, and the allure of botanical exploration.

The collection of seven fabric designs celebrates humanity's enduring fascination with plants—a narrative spanning centuries, continents, and cultures, paying homage to centuries of botanical history, from the intrepid voyages of the 17th century to the scientific endeavours of the Victorian age.

Whether you're seeking to infuse your home with the timelessness of botanical illustration, gently reference the fascinating social and cultural history of botany and exploration, or simply wish to harness the vitality of plants in your interior scheme, the rich and varied designs in our RHS Botanicals fabric collection offer something truly special - an opportunity to bring the beauty of nature into your everyday life.


Pieter van Kouwenhoorn Tulips

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

Drawing upon the beautifully detailed botanical illustrations by 17th century artist Pieter van Kouwenhoorn, our Tulips fabric design, with its intricate details and a rich but natural colour palette, evokes the vibrant energy of the Dutch Golden Age of the 1630s when the feverish excitement of Tulipomania swept across the land, igniting a passion for the captivating colours of these exotic blooms.


Mark Catesby Grosbeak

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

The spirit of inquiry and the power of observation is celebrated in the elegant Grosbeak design, a stunning rendition of a hand-coloured etching by English naturalist and artist Mark Catesby of the Blew Grosbeak bird amongst magnolia and evergreen foliage. Catesby meticulously observed and documented the natural world during his exploration of the Americas in the early 18th century. His best-known work, The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands was the first published account of the flora and fauna of North America. This print is drawn from one of its hand-coloured engravings.


Plantae Japonicae

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

Cross continents to explore the botanical art of the Fast East with an enigmatic floral design depicting Magnolia and Chaenomeles taken from an undated album ‘Plantae Japonicae Icones’ bequeathed to the RHS Lindley Collections by botanist Reginald Cory in the 1930s. The individual artist is unknown, and the original watercolour may in fact be Chinese, likely to have originated in early 19th century Canton (now Guangzhou); perhaps brought to England following the onset of greater cultural exchange following the opening of borders in the middle of the century. This captivating design pays homage to the rich botanical heritage of Japan and China and the global interconnectedness of horticulture.


Henry Moon Lion's Tail

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

Revel in the timeless allure of botanical design with our interpretation of Henry Moon’s stunning depiction of the Leonotis Leonurus or Lion’s Tail plant c.1900. Moon often painted in watercolour, with delicate brushwork to capture the intricate features of plants, giving them a distinctive aesthetic appeal. He collaborated with some of best-known garden writers and botanists of his time, including the influential garden designer and writer William Robinson, publisher of The Garden magazine.

Our fabric design captures the bold yet graceful form of the Lion’s Tail plant through a free flowing, repeating pattern, presented in a rich and varied palette, including but not limited to the flower’s natural red/orange tones, and creating a graphic representation that will suit any number of interior schemes.


Ferns Toile

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

Ferns Toile is an evocative monotone print, reminiscent of a toile de jouy, which celebrates the feathery, frond-like structure of ferns. The intricate design is drawn from the illustrated front cover of an early 20th century plant catalogue held in the RHS Lindley Collections. This lovely piece of ephemera is from W. & J. Birkenhead, a specialist Fern Nursery from Sale, near Manchester, which for a time, was the biggest and best-known in the world. It opens a window onto the Victorians’ fascination with exotic ferns.

® The Royal Horticultural Society. Trade marks of The Royal Horticultural Society (Registered Charity No 222879/SC038262) used under licence from RHS Enterprises Limited.


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