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Sofas & Stuff V&A Threads of India

Threads of India

Explore India's unique textile heritage

Introducing Threads of India, an evocative collection of fabrics designed in collaboration with the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum), as a tribute to India's timeless textiles and their enduring global influence. Drawn from the magnificent array of South Asian objects housed in the V&A collection, each design reveals a different aspect of India's artistic legacy, from intricate weaves to vibrant dyes, mesmerising prints and exquisite embroidery, retelling the remarkable heritage of India's textiles.


Mughal Arbour

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

Rediscover the timeless charm of an 18th century cotton tent hanging from the V&A collection and bring echoes of the grandeur of Mughal artistry onto your furniture. Originating from Masulipatam, north of Madras, on the so-called Coromandel Coast, this 18th century textile design has been reimagined for contemporary spaces. Our fabric design takes inspiration from the ageless Mughal motif of a flowering tree enclosed in an arch, infusing it with a fresh twist that seamlessly merges the past with innovation.


Regal Arabesque

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

This fabric draws inspiration from an intricate lattice floral pattern from the time of Shah Jahan held in the V&A archive. Representations of textiles at the emperor's court depicted in miniature paintings suggest that Shad Jahan, along with being known for his architectural accomplishments, enjoyed wearing elaborate garments and beautiful fabrics. Experience the regal magnificence of the Mughal court during the mid-17th century through the captivating intricacy of this sumptuous design.

Every thread weaves a tale of intricate craftsmanship, capturing the essence of bygone days.

Sulawesi Splendour

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

This fabric is a modern homage to a border detail from a magnificent ceremonial banner created in the 14th century. The 600-year-old ancestral cloth, which has been preserved for decades in a local clanhouse on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, bears witness to India's extensive trade links with the area. The original block-printed composition, based on western Indian manuscript decoration, is a stylised representation of interlocking trees in a densely forested landscape. Our interpretation of this intricate striped pattern is a contemporary tribute to ancient splendour.


Lahore Dynasty

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

This exquisite upholstery fabric pays homage to an opulent Mughal carpet in the V&A collection. The resplendent pattern of animals alongside a coat of arms comes from the Fremlin Carpet, probably made in Lahore (now in Pakistan), a well-known location for carpet manufacturing in this period. The carpet was ordered by William Fremlin, who worked for the East India Company in India from 1626–44, finishing his career there as the President of the Council of Surat. The Fremlin Carpet is on display in the South Asian galleries at the V&A in South Kensington.


Elevate your space with a touch of history that seamlessly integrates with the comfort of the modern age.

Varanasi Wilderness

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

This fabric draws inspiration from an intricate 19th century brocade, known as kamkhwab or kinkhwab, from Varanasi or Baharampur. Cherished for its splendour and rarity, the fabric was popular in the Mughal courts. Kamkhwab is known for its extensive deployment of golden and silver thread, to the point where occasionally the silk background is hardly discernible. Rediscover the artistry that once adorned ceremonial robes and hangings and elevate your interiors with a touch of opulence.


Mughal Garden Safari

Printed in Lancashire on a viscose linen union.

A delicate fabric design that encapsulates the grandeur of an embroidered hunting coat decorated with flowers, trees, peacocks, lions and deer. Inspired by an early 17th century Indian garment of embroidered satin with silk chain stitch; a type of needlework connected with professional, male embroiderers of the Gujarati Mochi culture hired to embroider exquisite hangings and clothing for the Mughal court as well as for export to the West.


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