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Making your space work

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Working from home has so many benefits, but it also takes dedication and some serious advance planning.

Maintain regular hours

Set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Having clear guidelines for when to work and when to call it a day helps to maintain work-life balance. If you've gained some extra time by not making your daily commute, it's a great opportunity to exercise before you start work and a lunchtime walk creates a good break in your day.

Create a dedicated office space

In an ideal world we would all have a dedicated WFH office, in reality that’s not always possible. It is however important to create a space where you can work comfortably and productively, even if this is your kitchen or dining room table, it just needs to be a consistent place where you can work from comfortably each day.

See the light

In an ideal world, your workspace should benefit from natural light, however natural light does change throughout the day so it’s important to control the lighting to make it consistent and more comfortable, it should feel soft and ambient, not bright and dazzling. A task-style desk lamp is essential and one of our favourites is the iconic Anglepoise Original 1227 desk lamp from Heal's, it combines freedom of movement and perfect balance due to its patented constant spring mechanism.

Easy on the eye

Aesthetics play a really important role and can set the tone of your space. Adding artwork is a great way to instantly inject some character into any room. Devoted To on Redbrick’s mezzanine floor, features an inspiring range of prints by French art studio All The Ways To Say. Add an instant splash of colour to any space with their 'Conservatory' print.

Anglepoise 1227 Desk Lamp
Prints by All The Ways To Say
Devoted To

Time by design

A clock is not only functional, it makes a great focal point for any wall. Heal's at Redbrick features an extensive clock collection, including Newgate, the modern British fashion and lifestyle brand, whose designs are heavily influenced by classic, vintage and retro clock designs, all with their added touch of modernism.

Flower power

Add some flowers! Such a simple touch that can instantly brighten your day. Just position your vase somewhere in the room within your immediate eye line and add your favourites….we’re all loving sunflowers at the moment!

Take a break

It’s so easy to just keep working because there are less distractions or time constraints, however hectic days and tight deadlines continue, regardless of where you’re working from. Create a sense of atmosphere and positivity by adding a scented candle or diffuser – the True Grace collection at Heal's offers an amazing choice of evocative and quintessentially English scents.


Newgate Clock
True Grace Candles & Diffusers

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