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Introducing Chapter Organics at Found at Redbrick

Introducing Chapter Organics at

Found at Redbrick

Redbrick is the home to designers and innovators and for the past 24 years we have always maintained our ethos to support young designers and regional makers to help incubate and evolve new and inspiring brands.

Found at Redbrick have recently introduced Chapter Organics, a collection of plant based, 100% natural aromatherapy home essentials. Their collections include natural candles, room mists, hand and body cleansers, hand and body moisturisers together with essential oil blends.

Chapter Organics was created in 2017 by Charlotte and her dedicated studio crew in their Small Makers Studio in Boston Spa, Yorkshire. Charlotte initially discovered aromatherapy when she wanted to improve her own emotional well-being and increase her personal energy levels. Their simplistic approach is refreshing; their natural and organic aromatherapy blends have been designed to support our busy modern lives with each individual Chapter Blend has been skilfully created to shift moods and feelings.


“We understand that each Chapter of your story requires natural balance, sleep and energy. We use natural ingredients to blend beautiful aromatherapy scents using the purest essential oils to support every version of you”

Charlotte, Founder Chapter Organics

Discover Chapter Organics at Found at Redbrick and explore their indulgent collections.  

…Our Story

Chapter Organics began accidentally at my kitchen table in 2017. I had recently discovered aromatherapy as a tool to help support my emotional wellbeing, which I was playing closer attention to after having kids and my sleep was all over the place and my energy levels were suffering.

I found aromatherapy to be a real game changer in how I was feeling and I began to make up blends for my friends to support what was going on for them including the usual busy life stressors; anxiety, overthinking, poor sleep, lack of positivity and confidence.

The feedback was incredible and everyone felt that they were reconnecting with themselves and finding their moments of calm and clarity.

It struck me that the road to selfcare and wellbeing often feels overwhelming because there are too many options and things we need to change all at once. But what happens if we don’t really change much? If we create blends that slot right into our current routines and through simple, daily practice we start to notice the difference in the everyday stressful pinch points?  

I set about creating blends that connected aromatherapy to our everyday routines; the stuff we already do from morning shower to lunchtime coffee. When we’re driving, coming in from work to our wind down routine. 

Connecting moments of simple, everyday selfcare effortlessly into our lives.

This was a breakthrough moment as I realised how looking after ourselves could be simplified and we can find our clarity, calm and fun again and live a life well lived without having to make too many changes.

Fast forward to 2023. We now have a range of natural, organic aromatherapy blends covering 5 key mood states. Blends to slot easily into your routines that help shift moods and restore balance. Blends that are designed to help you feel your best and balanced self.

Love, Charlotte, Helen and Gabs x


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