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The Simple Things

Many of us are spending so much more time in our homes and we understand the importance of taking the time to refresh some of our typical routines with the introduction of a few simple things that can really make a difference to our days.

Calm Mornings

Breakfast is so often by-passed with a hurried smoothie or quick coffee whilst preparing ourselves for the demands of day. Just taking the time to start the day properly creates a calmer, more focussed and positive mood. Planning the time for a leisurely breakfast even just once a week makes it become an occasion worthy of our undivided attention and definitely changes the vibe of the day.

No matter how casual your breakfast experience is, make it special by introducing indulgent pieces such as Broste Copenhagen's Nordic Sea Dinnerware from Heal's. The washed out blue-grey tones highlight a textured stoneware surface that has all the appeal of artisan hand-thrown ceramics.

Broste Copenhagen Dinnerware, Heal's

The importance of Less is More

Our homes should be a sanctuary and the place that we can retreat to and relax in, yet a cluttered home makes rest and relaxation a challenge at best.

We all have good intentions to declutter and it’s so easy to let it linger on the ‘To Do’ list indefinitely. Decluttering goes far beyond improving the aesthetics of our homes or work space and as holistic as it may sound, plays an essential role to our wellbeing by removing physical and mental obstructions. Living around too many things is a distraction and it's tough to stay focussed and on task when surrounded by clutter, especially in your work area. Identify your storage needs and choose clever yet creative and stylised storage solutions such as the adaptable 'Copenhagen' storage system from BoConcept, you can be individual, expressive…and very organised.

Copenhagen wall system, BoConcept

Rest & Recharge

The bedroom is our personal space where we should be able to relax, rewind and refresh and regardless of the room size or style it should be a sanctuary of peace, tranquillity and calm. The simple introduction of some new indulgent bed linens is a good start to create a luxurious and welcoming feel. 

Serene Lighting

We are all aware of the role that thoughtful lighting plays and that the right choice can reinvent and create a welcoming ambience in any space, whilst bad lighting can dramatically change the mood and the whole aesthetic. Thankfully, these days our choice of lamps and lights is vast and inspiring.

We particularly love the Porcelain series of bulbs by Tala at Heal's. Designed to be an antidote to an overly industrialised aesthetic, the subtle light billows out from the centre of these simple yet unique bulbs to create an atmosphere of serene harmony in any room.  Featuring the latest LED technology to create beautiful, commanding (and energy-efficient) lighting solutions.

Porcelain Series by Tala at Heal's

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