We are Adele & Wil, a former wellness clinic owner and executive chef. Having met endless clients in my wellness clinics who struggled to find pure, healthy food when eating out, I set out to create a restaurant that provides a vibrant selection of fresh, unprocessed food which is also delicious. I had previously been living with severe energy fluctuations for years before beginning to study how food could be the best form of medicine and by changing what I ate and drank, I ultimately healed myself naturally.  I felt re-energised and all my symptoms disappeared – much to my doctor’s surprise! I can now share this passion with a vast audience – our beautiful customers! Wil Pugh, a Michelin Star chef (and also my nephew) worked in London’s top restaurants before coming back to his roots in Yorkshire to begin our Filmore journey. With my nutritional knowledge and his impressive creativity with food, together we created one of the top health eateries in the country. What started with a vision is now an exciting revelation.


It all began in February 2011 with a casual chat between Wil and I around my kitchen table, airing our frustrations at the lack of healthy restaurants for us to eat in and even fewer take out options. Before we knew it we had found the perfect test kitchen in Wetherby and were sampling new recipes by October the same year, following a trip to San Fran – the land of healthy eating and great service. Filmore & Union was named after two street names there, it’s as simple as that! Our first restaurant was opened in 2012 in the centre of York. Since then, seven other stores have opened, sure evidence that people across England are becoming more conscious about the positive effects of pure, natural food.


The ethos behind Filmore & Union is simple… We believe that a healthy diet is not what you don’t eat, but precisely what you do. We promote balance in all areas of life. We believe in using whole foods that are packed with nutritional value, as opposed to sugar laden ‘low fat’ products that our bodies cannot digest properly or processed, refined sugars or fats. You certainly won’t find a microwave or deep fat fryer being used in any of our kitchens and baking, not frying is our golden rule. All of this means no calorie counting, just enjoying pure, clean food that tastes delicious, with the satisfaction of knowing it is doing us the world of good. We select the highest quality and healthiest ingredients from our local suppliers to create meals that contain all the nutrients our bodies need to glow from the inside out. We believe in simplicity: whatever you pick from our menu is made from scratch in our kitchens and if we can’t make it from scratch we absolutely won’t make it.  Filmore and Union was founded on the idea that true health means making the best decisions for your body so you can live a healthier, happier lifestyle, full of nutrient dense food to help your body support you.

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